Inevitably, when we think of Salvador Dali, the first thing that comes to our mind it is his paintings, so extremely popular that has overshadowed other facets  of this great creator.

mae west, dali


It seems that was the sofa lips, created for this work, the face of Mae West, his first furniture design, inspired by the famous artist lips.

During the 30s, Dali made many sketches but only came to fruition this sofa.

Luckily, his friend, the architect Oscar Tusquets, led in the 90s a team that worked with Dali’s sketches and managed to realize some of this furniture

leda, dali, bd barcelona

These pieces were considered by the artist as “sculptures with use.” As he himself stated: “a chair can cover many applications, although not necessarily to be seated”.

lamparas, dali, bd barcelona

The firm  Bd Barcelona design is the responsible of the production , and its exclusive sale worldwide.

vis a vis, bd barcelona, dali