It would be impossible, and very unfair, write about furniture designed by Le Corbusier, without talking about Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand.

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Although his work separately (especially Le Corbusier and Perriand) is quite remarkable, it was the union of the three which left us the best and most popular designs.

lc4, le corbusier, jeanneret, perriand


As this famous Chaise Lounge, LC4, produced exclusively by Cassina.

It consists of two structures: the support and the seat. Due to the curvature of the second, you can modify its inclination and even place it on the floor so that it is accompanied by a natural swing.

Some people claim that Charlotte Perriand was the true designer of this piece.

What we do know for sure it is that this piece, like many other equally famous, was devised in the studio where the three worked together from 1927 to 1937.

lc1, le corbusier, jeannerete, perriand


Armchair Grand Confort. Manufacturer: Cassina

Furniture designs result of this union still have a great commercial success, but we can not stop talking about some pieces created before 1927, as this modular system, “Casiers Standard”, presented at the Pavilion de l’Esprit Nouveau in 1925 by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret

casiers standard, le corbusier, jeanneret

Since 1964, Cassina is the exclusive manufacturer of these creations, along with others included in the “I Maestri” collection.

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