Considered the best furniture designer of the history, he created his own style, he was the first who wrote a book about furniture design…. the influence of Thomas Chippendale is still present, from the XVIII century.



Thomas chippendale was born in Otley, Yorkshire, in 1718, he moved to London in 1748, where he worked as a furniture designer and also interior designerfor the wealthiest families in the country. In his workshop worked more than twenty workers and owned a large store that besides selling furniture, sold everything necessary to decorate the house, from carpets, drapes, accessories, …

wilton house, chippendale

Dumfries House

In 1754 he published his book  “The Gentlemen and Cabinet-Maker’s Director”, that has served many other woodworkers who have reproduced his designs, or were inspired by them.

nostell priory, chippendale

View of the Library at Nostell Priory: the first room in the house to be remodelled by Robert Adam. The view shows the Chippendale library table, lyre-back chairs and bookcases.


At that time there were in London about 3000 cabinet makers, who did not understand why he brought to light the secrets of his designs, but it was precisely this book that launched him to fame definitely. It became a reference book and successful reissued several times. We can still buy at stores like AMAZON.

Harewood House, Chippendale


Harewood House

W ecan  find in this book a mixture of four styles: English style with wood carvings, French Rococo style of the time of Louis XV, Chinese style with latticework and lacquered finishes and Gothic style.

Many of Thomas Chippendale furniture have legs “cabriole” decorative shells and clawed feet . They are handmade pieces, made of mahogany, walnut, cherry or maple.