When the Danish Broadcast Cooperation decided to make a personal gift to Kylie Minogue, they thought about Busk+Hertzog to design it.

hello, busk, hertzog

” Its design is round, open and happy-like a mouth calling out to people, asking them to come closer”

This team, consisting of Fleming Busk y Stephan B. Hertzog, has already won over 40 of the most important international design awards.

busk, hertzog

They founded their studio in 2000 in Denmark, but now it is established in London.

Many of their designs are part of the permanent exhibitions of museums around the world.

Their pieces offer clean lines, inspired by natural forms, and few decoration.

bubbles, busk, hertzog

Bubbles-IF Product Design Award 2013

They often seek inspiration in places where their designs are being used …..” To be allowed to sit in all anonymity and see our design was actually used, as we had thought, was very large”

didi, busk, hertzog

Didi Chair- Good Design Award 2012

As they explain, they design furniture to be used by everybody. “We are honored to have prices, but we design furniture to be used by all, and therefore find it much more satisfying to meet our products in real life”

As“Camouflage” coat rack, that can be also used as a decorative element, transforming a simple wall with undulating forms.

camouflage, busk, hertzog

Camouflage coat rack- IF Product Design Award 2009- Red Dot Product Design 2008

One of my favorite designs is the sofa Pacific High, which closes around the user and creates its own space within any wider area. Perfect for those seeking some privacy.

And with this very essence, the chair Shelter, which creates a small and intimate refuge.

pacific high, busk, hertzog

shelter, busk, hertzog

Sometimes their designs reinvent traditional pieces such as “Harlequin” model, inspired by traditional Chester, but away from the classicism of it for their metal legs, straight edges, thinner armrests …. Perfect for modern spaces or more traditional .

harlequin, busk, hertzog

They  have also given us pieces that are classics of modern design, as the chair “K2” or the chair “Hannah” with its characteristic opening on the back.

k2, busk, hertzog

hannah - busk-hertzog

All these models, and more, we can find them in the catalogs of Danish companies as  +Halle, Softline or Frost… or if you prefer, contact us and we’ll help you bring it to your house, even to find the perfect place to put the item that you’re in love. Discover our service :  Coaching Interior Design