One of the leading masters of the Modern Movement, architect, industrial designer, professor of architecture at Harvard … any of these forms would be valid to start talking about Marcel Breuer.


Born in Hungary just begun the twentieth century (1902), was a student at the Bauhaus in Germany, where he took charge of the furniture workshop.

Despite his role as an architect is best known, we find among his furniture designs pieces that are still very current.

All of them with the characteristic style of the Bauhaus Modernism.

It was at this time that he surprised everyone with his chair B3, now known as Vasily chair,
because his friend Vasily Kandinsky asked one to his office.

vasily breuer

Made with bent steel tubes and seat and back in leather or canvas.

Developed with the same materials and similar line some more, very representative pieces.

breuer desk


breuer chairs2


He began to develop his career in Germany until, because of their Jewish origin, went into exile in the United States, although earlier in his leap to America, spent some time in Britain, where he collaborated with the company Isokon. For them he designed the now known as Isokon lounger, which has become one of the most important pieces of the modernist movement, becoming part of the permanent collections of famous museums worldwide.

isokon breuerUpon arrival in the US he continued his career as an architect, while teaching architecture at Harvard.

Retired since 1976, he died in 1981.

The study he founded stil lhas his name:  Marcel Breuer and  Associates.