Maarten Baas stars in our series this week, a young designer born in Germany in 1978.

MAARTEN BAASHe moved to Holland, where he grew up and trained as a designer at the prestigious Design Academy Eindhoven. While he was still studying, his first design, the candlestick “Knucklewas selected by Pol’s Potten.

Soon after, in 2002, the year of his graduation, he revolutionized the world of design with his SMOKE collection.

maarten baas, smoke

In this collection, pieces of furniture as well known as the Gaudí Tonet Chair, the Eames Lounge Chair and the Rietveld Chair ZigZig, are literally burnt and then covered with a translucent layer of epoxy. He explains the process in this video.

gaudi, maarten baas

The project was launched by the company Moooi, during the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2003, to great success.

Soon, the Smoke collection had already been considered by critics, collectors and museums (Victoria & Albert Museum, Groninger Museum or the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts).

Since 2005, all his works born in the studio  Baas & den Herder,”  prototypes of new collections and some limited series. His union with Bas den Herder, responsible for production and development, has allowed the designer to take even further their creations, unique pieces handmade, and increase production.

Clay collection was presented in 2006 , and it was immediately recognized as the successor to Smoke. Made in synthetic clay on a metal frame structure, handmade pieces that make each piece unique.

baas, clay

Many creations have appeared afterwards (The Plain collection, Treasure Furniture, China, Grey Derivations, ..) and in all of them we find an original design, which promotes tendencies, and that is reflected in all his work, twisted objects, animate, different, like an imperfect aesthetics.

maarten baas, works

We will follow him closely … Maarten Baas still has much to teach us,  I’m sure.