Born in 1923 on a farm in Kansas, he was one of the leading designers of modern furniture from the second half of the twentieth century.

milo baughman

Attracted by the design from an early age, it was not until returning from the Second World War the start of his training at the California Institute of  Arts. He began working in Frank Brothers, Long Beach, according to  Los Angeles Times” this store changed the way of decorating, because it was the first store of the West Coast specializing in modern furniture. Baughmann continued there until 1947, when he founded Milo Baughman Design Inc

milo baughman sideboard

He began creating pieces for several major companies such as Glenn of California, mainly using walnut, iron and formica.

baughmann, glenn

His fame was spreading throughout the country, and in the early 50s traveled to High Point (the center of furniture production most important of the moment) trying to sell his collection of upholstery. After many rejections, he met with Thayer Coggin, the only one who dared to make those pieces that had never before been seen.

baughman, coggin
The success was incredible. He continued designing for him until he died in 2003. Most of Baughmann designs of that time are still available in the supply of this factory.