Our Coach Deco service is ideal for those who want to be fully involved and be truly responsible for decorating their home.


You may just want a professional to check your choices to make sure you there are no big mistakes.
Maybe you want us to help you choose the right color palette?
May be later you have problems finding the table you want, or the carpet that you saw in that magazine …
Just call us, you decide how long you need us, or how many times. You decide if you need to call again, if we’ve helped enough to finish yourself the rest of the process or if you want a professional to work with you until the end of the project.
No need to make the decision of what you want from the beginning, our service gives you the flexibility you need, because you have the right to change your mind at any time without incurring further investment.
Decorating your home is a pleasure, be sure to enjoy and don’t let the doubts, fears or small mistakes will become the process heavy or tedious.

We will help you save time and money, YOU DECIDE HOW AND HOW MUCH.

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